Affiliate Disclosure

Kitchen Acorns was founded in March 2021 so I could share my passion for food and kitchen products.

In addition to my published information on cooking and kitchen appliances, I provide links to recommended products. These links may be in the sidebar of the website or included in the body of the articles. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases that you may make by using these links.

Does our affiliate status affect our reviews or recommendations?

Absolutely not.

At Kitchen Acorns I only recommend and provide affiliate links to products and services that we would be happy to purchase and use myself. In most cases, I have purchased the product before reviewing it, and in some cases, I may have been provided with an item free of charge to review. If I’m happy with it, I may include affiliate links within articles and reviews. Even if a product is provided to me by a third party for review, I will only provide a rigorous and honest review. The point is to provide the reader with information about great cooking and kitchen products that are available at a great price and quite often the best price.

As of 21st October 2023 I have not accepted any sponsorship deals to promote products on this website. If I decide to do so in the future, the nature of the article will be made clear. Any such piece will be identified as being sponsored. However, I maintain editorial independence and any sponsors or business associates do not influence my reviews, ratings, or articles.

Do I only recommend the very latest and most expensive products?

No. Although I aim to recommend products that will be useful and up to date, I don’t regularly write about the very latest “shiny object” for your kitchen. The reason is simple. Where possible I like to try out the product and want to hear what other real-world users think of it. There is little point in recommending something with extra features that will not be used by most buyers. Quite often, the medium or budget-priced version will do all that is required and represent the best value for money.

Let me be clear: The content of this site may be supported by affiliate links, but not always. If you buy anything because of using one of our affiliate links, you will not be charged extra, but I may earn a small commission. If after buying and trying out a product you are dissatisfied and decide to return it, I will earn zero commission. So, it is in my interest to be truthful about anything I recommend or review.

I would like to be here for the long term, helping our readers in the future. So, by remaining committed to providing honest information that helps you and earning a small amount of revenue along the way, I can continue to guide you along your path to making great dishes in the kitchen. You could say I am financially incentivized to only provide you with the best content, reviews, and recommendations.

Thank you for your support, it is deeply appreciated.