How to Cook and Serve Eggo Waffles to the Family


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Eggo waffles are a breakfast staple for many families, but that doesn’t mean that it must be boring! With something like an Eggo waffle, you basically have a blank canvas. It’s easy to learn how to cook and serve Eggo waffles to the family in a fun, exciting way.

In this article, we’ll teach you different ways to prepare Eggo waffles for your family so you can mix it up at breakfast time. Read on to learn more about cooking and topping techniques to turn boring waffles into a breakfast fit for royalty!

How can I Cook Eggo Waffles for my Family?


Cooking Eggos for your family is easy, but there are a few different ways you can go about it.

To cook Eggo waffles, you can try:

  • Toasting them
  • Baking them
  • Air frying them
  • Microwaving them

However, after you do cook them, there are different ways you can serve them to your family to dress them up or make them more filling.

How do I Get the Eggos to be Crispy?

Few things are worse than a soggy, floppy Eggo, especially when you’re serving them to your family. Luckily, there are a few ways you can crisp up an Eggo in no time.


They’re not called “toaster waffles” for no reason. A toaster, on the right setting, will get an Eggo crispy and golden brown along the edges. However, there are a few other methods, like an air fryer. To air-fry an Eggo, you just need to put it in the air fryer for about 5 minutes at 350 degrees.

Some air fryers have wire racks that you can insert, like in an oven. If this is the case, you can just put them in there without worrying about flipping them. However, if your air fryer only has a basket, you’ll want to flip them over halfway through cooking to get an equal crisp on both sides. It should take about 6 minutes at 360°F to cook the Eggo waffles from frozen. To be at their best, make sure you serve them immediately.

If you’re making your Eggos in the oven, it’s the same deal, but you’ll be able to make a lot more of them at a time. A toaster can fit two and an air fryer might fit two or three, but a cookie sheet would be able to fit anywhere from 8-10. That’s perfect if you’re hosting or making them for your whole family. Cook in a preheated oven at 400°F for about 8 or 9 minutes, just remember to flip them halfway through.

Can You Microwave Eggos?

You need breakfast fast. You’ve got two Eggos going in the toaster and another two in your air fryer basket, but you need to hurry up and make two more so you can get out the door on time.


Eggos are microwavable. Realistically, all you need to do is heat them up anyway, so tossing them in the microwave will do the job. You will have to sacrifice the texture; you can’t get them crispy in the microwave, but you know who doesn’t care about that? Toddlers, or adults who are just looking for something to shove in their face before they have to leave.

You can technically also eat them frozen, but you probably shouldn’t serve them to others that way.

Serving Eggos to the Family

Cooking Eggos is easy and, frankly, boring. The real fun comes with the serving; there are so many options! Even Eggo waffles, when dressed properly, can be showstopping and delicious. You can serve them with:

  • Simple additions
  • Sweet additions
  • Savory additions

Making Eggos Savory

Savory waffles might seem like a bit of a stretch to some, but it makes sense. Really, waffles are just like pieces of toast. Especially plain Eggos, which are only slightly sweet, would make a great base for your savory breakfast.

You can serve the waffles on their own with butter and serve things like bacon, eggs, avocado, and sausage on the side. Or, if you’d like to get fancy, you can use the Eggos as a foundation for a somewhat unconventional, but ultimately delicious breakfast sandwich. Another savory thing that has been done with Eggos is frying them up in a pan with butter and making a grilled cheese.

Sweet Eggos Deserve the World

There are several different flavors of Eggos out there, and most of them lend themselves more to sweet preparations than savory ones. Sweet Eggos are perfect served with fruits like strawberries, bananas, and even orange slices. Some ideas for ways you can serve sweeter Eggos are:

  • Banana-Nutella waffles. All you really have to do to achieve this is slice up a banana and spread some Nutella onto the Eggo. This is really good with one waffle, but it’s even better if you sandwich the banana and Nutella between two.
  • Strawberry cheesecake waffles. For these, you can either use store-bought cheesecake filling or make your own. The best thing to do would be to glaze the strawberries first, but honestly, fresh strawberries are just as good.
  • PB&J. Just like you can use Eggos as the base for a savory breakfast sandwich, you can also use them for a PB&J. The options are endless as far as nut-butter and jam combinations go!

Keeping it Simple is Good


Maybe you don’t want to do all of that. That’s fine; Eggos can stand on their own! You can serve them plain or with butter, syrup, or whipped cream. Just adding some sides is recommended, but that could be something as simple as orange slices and some pre-packaged sausage patties. Eggos can be just as delicious on their own as they are with all of the bells and whistles, but you should make sure they’re nice and crispy if you’re serving them that way.

Final Thoughts

Eggos have been around for decades, and they’ll continue to be around for many more. Eggos are a perfect breakfast idea for your family, regardless of age. If you’re worried about a picky eater, then you can do a little “waffle bar” in the morning and let each person pick their own toppings. That way, no one feels left out and everyone gets what they need.

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