How to know when waffles are done in a waffle maker or oven

Breaking apart a perfectly cooked waffle

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Making waffles is a fun activity, but if you have ever wondered how to know when waffles are done, you’re not alone. Usually, steam will stop coming out of the waffle iron, indicating that the wet ingredients are fully cooked and the waffle is ready to eat. With an oven, you will have to judge based on the waffle’s color.

Some waffle irons have a “done” indicator that will let you know when to take the waffle out, but if yours doesn’t have one or it seems to be inaccurate, you might be struggling to get your waffle out of the iron at the correct moment.

If you’re making waffles in the oven, you won’t have an indicator. Your recipe should tell you how long to cook them for, but ovens can vary, so you will also need to use your judgment.

Let’s look at how to make waffles that are that perfect blend of crispy on the outside and soft in the middle.

How To Know When Waffles Are Done in a Waffle Maker

Opening a waffle maker to check whether waffles are done

Because a waffle iron is pressed down on top of the waffle, hiding the batter, you won’t be able to judge your waffles by looking at the color you have achieved. Waffles should be a light golden all over, with a few darker golden areas, but if you can’t see them, this isn’t very helpful.

Your waffle maker might have a light on it to indicate when a waffle has finished cooking. Alternatively, it might make a noise. However, some waffle makers will not do either, and in these cases, you will need to work it out for yourself. After a while of using your waffle iron, you will probably get a feel for it.

If you don’t have any indication from the iron, the best way to tell that a waffle is done is that it will stop steaming. The steam comes out as the water from the mix evaporates; when this has finished evaporating, the waffles should be deliciously crispy on the outside, but still soft in the middle.

Watch for the steam and as soon as it stops, lift up the lid of your waffle maker to see if the waffle is ready. If not, give it a few more seconds.

How To Know When Waffles Are Done in the Oven


The first thing is to look at how long the waffles are supposed to be in the oven for. The stated cooking time of the recipe or that on the waffle packaging should give you some indication of how close the waffle is to being done.

The second step is to open the oven door and inspect the waffles. You don’t want to do this too often, because letting heat out slows down the cooking process, but it is okay to do it occasionally.

If your oven tends to cook things quickly, check on the waffles a couple of minutes before they are due to come out. If they are golden and crispy, take one out, let it cool a bit, and taste it.

If your oven cooks things slowly, check the waffles when the recipe says to, and then give them a bit longer if necessary. Your waffles should be golden before you remove them from the oven.

How Long Do Waffles Usually Take?

Cooking hourglass egg timers

It really depends on the waffle maker and the oven, as both can vary greatly in terms of how quickly they cook waffles.

However, as a rule of thumb, waffles in the oven will take around ten to fifteen minutes. In a waffle maker, they generally take up to five minutes. Most will not take longer than five minutes, provided your waffle iron gets sufficiently hot (375 degrees F).

If your waffle iron is not getting hot enough, the waffles won’t cook quickly, and you may need to replace the iron. Without sufficient heat, you will experience soggy waffles, as well as slower cooking times, so be careful about this.

If your waffles have had five minutes but steam is still coming out of the iron, wait for longer. Steam is a definite sign that the waffles aren’t done yet, so use this as your most foundational rule, and use the timer as a second sign.

Another option is to peer down the crack of the waffle maker. Do not pick it up to do this. Lean your head down until you can see between the two plates. If the edge of the waffle has turned golden and looks crispy, it may be time to get your waffle out.

What Happens if You Over-Cook a Waffle?

An over-cooked waffle will be tough. The exterior will have gone from crispy to crunchy, and the interior will have gone from fluffy to chewy. There is nothing nice about a waffle that has been in the oven or the iron for too long, so it’s important to get your timing down to a fine art.

If you have accidentally over-cooked your waffle, make a note of how long it was cooking for, so you know to reduce the cooking time next time. After a while, you should get a feel for exactly how quickly waffles cook in your oven or your iron.

What Happens if You Under-Cook a Waffle?

Under-cooked waffles are no better than over-cooked ones and could be dangerous. Waffle mix contains raw egg, and while the chances of you getting salmonella from it are slim, it is still something to be aware of.

You do not want to be eating raw waffle mix, any more than you want to eat raw eggs.

Under-cooked waffles are also simply unpleasant. They will lack the crispy exterior that makes waffles so satisfying, and they will be soggy and limp. There is nothing good about a damp-feeling waffle.

However, there is a bit more that you can do to correct an under-cooked waffle. If you are using an oven, just put them back until they turn golden.

It’s a bit trickier with an iron, but if you have opened the lid and found that you still have a pale, soggy-looking square instead of a rich golden one, don’t despair. You might be able to fix it.

Sometimes, you can simply shut the lid of the waffle iron and wait for a few more minutes while the edges crisp and turn gold. There is a risk of the waffle splitting and tearing if you open the lid too early, but it may still be salvageable.

Another option is to gently lift the waffle out, heat up a skillet, and crisp the waffle in the skillet. This should help to make the top and bottom crispy, but it won’t get the edges of the pockets, so it isn’t perfect. Still, it is better than eating a soggy waffle.

Alternatively, put the waffles into a hot oven and allow them to crisp up there. The hot air should help to harden the sugar at the edges of the waffle and make it crunchy.

It is unlikely that you’ll get perfect waffles with any of these methods, but they are well worth a try if you have accidentally under-cooked your waffles.


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The key indicators that a waffle in a waffle iron is done will be a lack of steam exiting from the sides and a golden color around the edges of the waffle. If you are cooking your waffles in an oven, you can simply check that the waffles are a rich golden color before you take them out. This should give you perfect waffles every time, irrespective of what the cooking instructions or recipe say.

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